August 1, 2021

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They call a demonstration in front of Telemundo in debate of candidates for governor

The October 22 protest and the weekly cacerolazos seek to draw attention to various issues that affect our people. These are:

  • Report the violation of the constitutional right of our boys, girls and young people to education in the midst of the pandemic, during the present and last school year.
  • Demand internet service for the population as a human right that guarantees access to education, information and different areas of work in society.
  • Accept the recommendations of public health specialists to reduce the spread of COVID 19, the rate of positivity, control the pandemic and allow the development of different activities with safety and health.
  • Before resuming classes in person, the demands presented by the trade union organizations that operate within the Department of Education must be addressed. Between them:
  • Establish Health and Safety Committees in each campus to work on specific protocols for each school nucleus.
  • School Tracking System.
  • Molecular testing for everyone.
  • Mitigate the structure of schools to be earthquake resistant.
  • Reduce groups to between 10-12 students per classroom to ensure 6 feet of physical distance at all times and allow for individualized instruction.
  • Reopen schools closed by this and the past administration
  • Appoint more teachers and support staff.
  • Provide technological equipment, among other measures.

Among the most urgent measures to be addressed is the repeal of Law 85, which allows the dismantling and privatization of the public education system.

After the end or control of the pandemic, they demand the two-year extension to students with functional diversity who are in full-time locations, since for the past years they have been left without academic and therapeutic services.

They demand that the Department of Education establish conversations with the School Community to find alternatives that allow the Students of the Special Education Program to have the reasonable accommodations to which they are entitled, in addition to restoring the therapies and services of the level technicians. 1 in the cases that warrant it.

They request that the necessary economic resources be assigned to the Corporation of Puerto Rico for Public Broadcasting, so that it can stabilize its operations. This would allow this Corporation to expand its educational offer, in favor of our children and young people who lack electronic equipment and systems.

In the case of the UPR -as part of the public education system- they demand that the university administration correct the severe delays in the services offered to students, such as: counseling and guidance, financial assistance, application for loans, disbursement of a wide variety of scholarships, among many others.

They demand that the cuts, the freezing of non-teaching positions, the closure of programs and courses and an increase in costs be stopped.

They also denounce that while the conditions of workers and students are precarious, the administration of the UPR misuses the funds of the institution by switching to the Google platform to Microsoft 365. This change caused the exposure of confidential, personal and sensitive information from the entire university community.

They demand from all public agencies and private companies, stricter measures and compliance with them in their security protocols against Covid-19, guaranteeing the health and life of their workers.

They also want the Department of Health to expand its operations and begin to supervise all agencies, including the Department of Education, schools and Public Corporations.

They seek the total repeal of all anti-labor legislation approved by the present and past administrations, including the misnamed Labor Reform.

They demand that the cuts to the pensions of current and future retirees stop. That a dignified retirement is guaranteed.

They call on candidates for governor to express themselves on these demands, commit to taking action and clearly define how they will attend to the education of our children and young people in the midst of and after a pandemic.

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To these claims and convocation are added: The Promises Finished Day, Federation of Teachers of Puerto Rico, EDUCAMOS, Puerto Rican Independence Party, Antilla Commune, General Union of Workers, Social Dining Rooms of Puerto Rico, Socialist Front, Ñin Negrón Movement, Committees of The Boricua Resistance, Movement To The Rescue of My School, and Toabajeños in Defense of the Environment.

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