May 14, 2021

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They call on the Government to take measures to help parents after class suspension

SAN JUAN – Faced with the new order of the Department of Health, in which schools and private colleges are ordered to return to virtual classes, the Representative by Accumulation Jesús Manuel Ortíz, called on the Government to seek alternatives that allow parents with students in virtual mode they can continue their work through telecommuting without affecting their licenses.

“The government’s decision that private schools and colleges return to virtual mode for the next two weeks, undoubtedly disrupts the daily routine and work routine of all public and private employees. The opening of work environments and the gradual beginning of the school semester in person eliminated telework opportunities that served as a tool for employees with school-age children to continue working while their children received virtual education. Today, we know of agencies and employers that eliminated this option to require the presence of their employees or exhaust their vacation or sick leave, “he denounced.

The representative highlighted that according to data from the Labor Department, approximately 44% of the island’s workforce is made up of women and it is estimated that 52% of the families in the country are headed by women heads of the family.

“Without a doubt, the Government of Puerto Rico must evaluate the current situation and once again promote teleworking in all possible areas without affecting services to citizens. In this way, they make it possible for fathers and mothers to work from home while their children receive virtual education in the coming weeks, ”he said.

“As a country, we have made progress to face COVID-19, but we still have a way to go. Citizens must be responsible in their daily lives and the Government must be more empathic with the reality of families with children of school age ”, he concluded.

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