January 19, 2021

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They capture on video the moment they deny service to the elderly in PREPA office | government

A video that circulated through social networks shows the moment in which they deny services to an old man in an office of the Electric Power Authority (PREPA) in Fajardo.

In it, a An official indicating to the client that he had to make an appointment to be seen, this despite the fact that the old man explained that he did not have transportation or a telephone.

Governor Wanda Vázquez reacted through her social networks to the situation.

"I have received some videos of a situation that occurred in an AEE office in Fajardo today (yesterday). Neither the pandemic, the earthquakes, a hurricane or any challenge that is faced us can extinguish the humanity of our people. I want to thank and congratulate the young woman for what she did in the face of an injustice, she acted with the true values ​​that define us as Puerto Ricans, "said the first executive.

Likewise, she expressed that she reproaches" the attitude of the official regarding the situation of this Elderly. Public servants are called to serve with responsibility and above all sensitivity. ”

“ This is not the Puerto Rico that we need and want; therefore, I will be ordering that all necessary measures be taken to serve the elderly with sensitivity and priority. Let's rescue our true values! ", He concluded.

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