August 1, 2021

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They carry out a vigil in front of PREPA due to the possibility that some 5,000 workers lose their jobs

The Alliance of Active and Retired Employees of the Electric Power Authority (PREPA) tonight they held a vigil in front of the central building of the public corporation for job security.

According to a press release, about 5,000 employees could lose their jobs as a result of the contract with Luma Energy.

Members of the PREPA Retirees Association (AJAEE), UTIER and its Retirees chapter, the Antonio Lucchetti Autonomous District (DAAL), the Association of Management Employees and the Union of Independent Employees of PREPA participated in the ecumenical activity.

The vigil was attended by the evangelist Samuel Hernandez, the father Pedro Ortiz, The Shepherd Jose Santiago and the poet William Pérez.

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