June 14, 2021

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They claim subtitles for deaf people in theaters

A group of deaf people have come out to demand that all films in theaters on the Island have subtitles for the benefit and inclusion of the non-hearing community in Puerto Rico.

Through videos on social networks, they related with frustration their experiences in movie theaters, since they usually only subtitle films in English or other languages. Such is the case of María Fernanda (@mari_fe_izq), a young woman with partial deafness, who through the Instagram platform called on the Caribbean Cinemas company, Puerto Rican actors, directors and producers and production companies, to attend this claim of the deaf community.

“We are in the pandemic but we cannot stop fighting for our rights and our needs. We continue to fight and educate about the changes we want in society. ", He wrote in the message that accompanies the published video, which has already been widely disseminated on social media.

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