May 13, 2021

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They clarify physical activities can only be carried out in open places | government

The secretary of the Department of Recreation and Sports (DRD), Adriana Sánchez Parés, issued the circular letter 2020-006-A, which amends the one published yesterday and clarifies that only open places are allowed for carrying out activities physical and sports activities authorized in OE-2020-054.

The amendment clarifies section III of the circular: “Activities authorized through executive bulletin OE-2020-054 and this circular letter may be carried out outdoors or on courts indoor with natural air flow or circulation. Activities may not be carried out in closed places or spaces. ”

“ Yesterday we published the circular letter with the new rules for the performance of physical sports and recreational activities allowed until July 31. However, many citizens shared their doubts about carrying out physical activities indoors, even while maintaining the protocols established in the letter. Therefore, we issue this clarification to avoid confusion, "said Sánchez Parés.

In addition, the letter adds aspects related to authorized activities on the beach, including swimming in open water, snorkeling, kayaking and paddle boarding. While clarifying that in the case of surfing all its modalities are included. Athletes must use the method of entering and leaving the water (keep moving) and maintain social distance at all times.

“We stand firm in asking the citizens for their cooperation to comply with the provisions of this order, maintain the security measures, avoid crowds and, thus, the spread of this virus, "said the official.

He stressed that" the entities and organizations that are going to carry out the permitted activities must register on the Elmarcador platform and submit your updated Covid-19 protection protocols. ”

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