February 28, 2021

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They classify as irresponsible the intention of the PNP to create a new agency to administer the recovery funds with appointments screwed to ten years

They alleged that the proposed salary amount for the CEO and associate CEO is greater than a quarter of a million dollars.

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SAN JUAN – The senator of the Popular Democratic Party (PPD), Aníbal José Torres and the candidate for representative by accumulation for the PPD, Gabriel López Arrieta criticized on Wednesday, the alleged creation of a new government agency by the government of the New Progressive Party (PNP ).

They alleged that the proposed salary amount for the CEO and associate CEO is greater than a quarter of a million dollars.

“These new positions are added to hundreds of others that they intend to screw in the different agencies. The PNP government intends that the Central Office for Recovery, Reconstruction and Resilience of Puerto Rico (“COR3”) be perpetuated for 10 years, with a director and a deputy director appointed by this government, who will earn more than a quarter of a million dollars, with responsibility for the administration of all federal grant programs related to emergencies and disasters. The entity will approve any policy or regulation related to recovery, ”Torres denounced in a written communication.

“The policies will be applicable to all government entities, public corporations and municipalities that are part of the recovery. Here it is demonstrated which are the upturned priorities of a government characterized by callousness, incapacity, incompetence and recklessness in proposing the creation of a new agency ”, he added.

For his part, López Arrieta criticized: “COR3 is an entity created by Executive Order and no one in Puerto Rico shows satisfaction with its performance. Neither mayors, nor non-governmental entities. The country is witness to the slowness and bureaucracy in the reconstruction and recovery processes of the country. The mayors and citizens are still experiencing the damage caused by the passage of hurricanes Irma and María. Addressing these needs should be the government’s priority and not screwing employees. “

Torres highlighted: “This legislation should under no circumstances have been presented and included as part of the Extraordinary Session. It is an unacceptable proposal and a lack of respect for the people of Puerto Rico, which de facto raises many reservations about some appointments presented with the interest of screwing up positions in the government. Both spokesmen highlighted that the creation of this agency is added to those screwed in the Office of the Comptroller, the PR Telecommunications Bureau, the Auction Board of the General Services Administration, among others. “

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