June 13, 2021

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They classify as murder incident in Gurabo

photo: Cybernews

GURABO – The authorities classified as murder an incident reported at around 4:50 pm on Friday, on the PR-931 highway, in the Navarro neighborhood in Gurabo.

According to the Police report, a call was received through the 9-1-1 emergency system about an accident with a fixed object.

When the agents of the Caguas Highway and Highway Patrol Division arrived at the scene, they found inside the gray Mitsubishi Endeavor car, year 2007, the body of a lifeless woman identified as Ileana Rodríguez Félix, 35 years old and resident in Caguas.

According to the report, the agents realized that the trauma to the head area was not compatible with accident injuries, therefore, they activated the murder protocol with the Caguas Homicide Division.

The victim’s driver and partner, identified as Dennis Rivera Aponte, 38 years old and resident of Gurabo, were arrested at the scene.

Agent Joelys Vicente from the Homicide Division of the Caguas Area Criminal Investigation Corps and prosecutors Maribel Mojica, Jamilet Samalot and personnel from the Institute of Forensic Sciences took charge of the investigation.

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