June 15, 2021

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They collect 154 tons of rubble and garbage in San Juan

Some 154 tons of rubble and garbage were collected yesterday in the Puerto Rican capital, as part of the first efforts of the new mayor of San Juan, Miguel Romero.

“Yesterday was made up of several commitments in the capital city, but from now on we have begun with the collection of debris that the San Juan people so require. About 154 tons were collected and, given that the day did not give to continue, we will continue today with what we have pending, “said Romero in written statements.

Collection of rubble and garbage in San Juan.

The impacted areas include the green areas of Muñoz Rivera Avenue behind Mercantil Plaza, near the Venezuela neighborhood and along Paseo Caribe; the marginal of San Juan Park; the marginal of the Muñoz Rivera avenue towards San Juan; Ponce de León avenue from Gándara towards San Juan, from stop 26 towards San Juan and from stop 18 towards San Juan.

In addition, the Fernández Juncos avenue was worked from Puerta de Tierra out of San Juan and from the Convention Center towards Río Piedras; and highway 21 from Martínez Nadal station.

Collection of rubble and garbage in San Juan.
Collection of rubble and garbage in San Juan.

Other sectors where it had collected were the Quinto Centenario Square, the Plaza de Armas, the San Sebastián Street, the Colón Square and the La Perla neighborhood of Old San Juan, as well as Puerta de Tierra, the San José neighborhood, the Obrero neighborhood, and sectors of Condado and Miramar.

“It is important to begin the work required by our municipality now, in addition to starting the administrative tasks in favor of the public policy that we seek to implement. There is a lot of work to do and we are ready to carry it out, “said Romero.

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