March 3, 2021

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They come together to remodel the house for “Rayo Kid” in Villalba

A group of people came together to begin today, Saturday, the reconstruction of the residence of Manuel Reyes Olivieri, 72, and who in his youth was a professional wrestler known as “Rayo Kid.”

The house, located in the Apeadero neighborhood of the municipality of Villalba, was adopted by citizens of the Community Safety Council and their liaison agent Iris Rivera, of Relations with the Community of the Ponce Area.

According to a press release, Reyes Olivieri lived in “conditions unsuitable for his health and well-being.”

The group began with the first stage of the remodeling, in charge of the Aponte Construction company of Villalba.

Also, the commander of the State Police, Lieutenant Nancy vega, District agents, members of the Municipal Police, residents and employees of the Municipality.

In addition, with the help of refreshments and food, the El Pino Bakery, Larito Cafeteria, Colmado Criado, Cooperativa FAM-COOP and Manolo Export Bar participated.

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