April 19, 2021

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They confirm the use of security measures in the opening of childcare centers

At the beginning of the opening period of the childcare centers and the Head Start and Early Head Start Centers today, July 1, the secretary of the Department of the Family (DF), Orlando López Belmonte together with the Administrator of the Administration for the Care and Development of Children (ACUDEN), José Javier Fuentes, confirmed the establishment of health and safety measures for several childcare centers that resumed work today and presented their plans to the agency's Licensing Division who drives.

“We begin the day by verifying the process of entry and interaction with minors who present themselves today to care centers that have opened their doors to provide services. We also wanted to reiterate the support through the incentives processed by the DF through ACUDEN. This center where we started the tour in Guayama today has an enrollment of 10 minors and others will be gradually incorporated. They have all the areas identified, labeled, with their registration and a clear disinfection and management process, ”said the Secretary. The official confirmed that some 16 centers have submitted their plans to the Licensing office and documents are expected to continue arriving as they confirm their opening dates.

The DF released the "Manual for the prevention and control of COVID last week -19 in Child Care and Development Centers ”that serves as a guide for the reopening of the centers across the island, after Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced authorized the resumption of work to assist parents who return to work.

For his part, the administrator of ACUDEN reported that 100 requests have been received for the delivery of incentives to center operators that are being evaluated for disbursement. “We have $ 30.9 million available to assist the centers in their preparation phase for reopening and to date we have received over 100 applications. We are evaluating them quickly to grant incentives and that each center has that support at this stage for the continuity of services. Requests are directed to ACUDEN through [email protected].

The Family Department developed the guidelines in conjunction with professional organizations that care for children and the Administration for the Comprehensive Care and Development of Children (ACUDEN). The guides are available on the agency's website, by accessing www.familia.pr.gov under Laws and Regulations.

The manual describes the steps to follow to successfully open and maintain the operations of centers safely. Among the recommended protocols is planning in advance to guarantee an adequate supply of articles that facilitate habits of hand hygiene, protection, cleaning of objects and surfaces, among others.

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