June 13, 2021

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They consider that vaccination will strengthen the Medical Tourism sector | government

The initiation of vaccination against Covid-19 is an important element that will have a positive effect on the Medical Tourism sector, as it strengthens the island as a destination for patients from other states or countries to receive excellent, safe medical care and a reasonable cost, said the secretary of the Department of Economic Development and Commerce (DDEC), Manuel Laboy Rivera.

“The Medical Tourism sector has a promising future and despite the emergency we are facing, hospitals and medical offices continued to treat patients from various jurisdictions seeking medical services. Now, with the arrival of the vaccine, patients will receive treatment by professionals vaccinated against Covid-19 and under the best safety standards, ”said the official.

In his opinion, “this sector has opportunities to continue its expansion on the island. Our commitment is to continue supporting through public policy and in alliance with the private sector strategies that maximize this sector through our Medical Tourism Program, achieving greater recognition of the services that Puerto Rico offers ”.

The recent approval in the Senate and the House of Representatives of House Bill 2382, will establish the Medical Tourism Office in the DDEC, transfer the funds of the Corporation to the Department of Economic Development and Commerce of Puerto Rico, among other actions necessary to continue to strengthen that economic sector.

“Once these processes are completed, we expect to attract about 30 thousand patients in the next three to five years, which would represent an economic impact of about 23.5 million dollars,” said the secretary of DDEC.

He reported that by 2021, the process will be created to establish an agile certification for hospitals, hotels and medical offices in the dental, cardiology, orthopedic, cancer, neurosurgery, gynecology, fertility procedures, pediatrics, ophthalmology and plastic surgery specialties.

The Medical Tourism Program joins other public policy initiatives to retain and attract Health professionals. The passenger waiver granted by the United States Department of Transportation is also projected to facilitate the arrival of patients from various parts of the world for medical treatment.

For more details about the Medical Tourism Program, you can communicate via email [email protected]

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