August 4, 2021

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They create a program that helps thousands of families with low and moderate resources

In order to continue helping the most vulnerable people and communities, the Office for Socioeconomic and Community Development of Puerto Rico (ODSEC) has created the program Pa´Lante Puerto Rico.

With the investment of over $ 37 million from the CSBG-Cares funds, “Pa’Lante PR”Will immediately provide housekeeping services, income stimulus, prepared meals, purchases of supplies, COVID-19 tests, among other services for individuals and communities that qualify.

Pa’Lante PR will benefit thousands of low and moderate income families and individuals, college students, seniors, and non-profit entities.

“With Pa´lante Puerto Rico, We want to create a movement together with non-profit organizations, professionals and municipalities to start throwing Pa ‘lante on our people. More than a program, it is a watchword for development and motivation. I am confident that together we will be able to face this emergency “, emphasized Jesús Vélez Vargas, executive director of ODSEC.

The “Housekeepers” program will promote medical or long-term care support to seniors in our communities. Non-profit institutions and Municipalities may submit proposals to receive funds for these purposes. The total amount of this award is $ 1 million.

“We have created a rental incentive program, in which up to 1,500 people can participate, and receive between $ 200 to $ 900 for a term of up to three months. This program will be aimed mainly at university students and / or heads of families who lost or saw their only livelihood severely reduced as a result of Covid 19. ” Velez Vargas indicated.

The executive director expressed his desire for all sectors to participate in this recovery, for which 3.5 million dollars have been allocated so that community organizations, non-profit organizations and municipalities can submit their proposals.

“We urge you to join this movement, we want to hear your ideas. We are a great community, if we shake hands with each other, if we work together, there is no challenge, disaster or pandemic that stops us, Pa´Lante Puerto Rico. ” Jesús Vélez Vargas concluded.

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