March 2, 2021

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They create sustainable hand washing stations | PRESENT

To make water accessible for hand washing, important to prevent the spread of Covid-19, two organizations joined forces to improve access and use of water through sustainable hand washing stations.

The Mercy Corps-Puerto Rico organization joined forces with the EcoExploratorio: Museo de Ciencias de Puerto Rico to provide this solution, which in addition to being used for prevention in this pandemic, could serve as an example for other health emergencies.

In addition to creating the sustainable hand washing stations, they also produced an educational manual and assembly video.

It was the Mercy Corps organization that designed the hand washing station, which has different water inlets from both the aqueduct service, as well as rain collection. In addition, the station takes into consideration mechanisms that limit tactile contact and the use of cost-effective materials so that the model can be replicated in different communities and municipalities around the island.

For this reason, they also developed an educational manual and video so that communities can build their own hand washing station and learn about sustainable hygiene and sanitation solutions in emergencies.

Alfredo Pérez, Engineering and Infrastructure Officer for Mercy Corps-Puerto Rico, stated that, “Anyone with basic construction skills can assemble a hand washing station with a capacity of 55 to 110 gallons of water, following the educational and assembly manual “.

For her part, Karla Peña, director of Mercy Corps, added that as part of the efforts and to encourage the construction of stations, the entity will award ten grants of $ 500 to organizations that provide community services, schools or farms of small farmers.

Organizations interested in learning more about the initiative, the manual and educational video for hand washing assembly, in addition to participating in the call or receiving more information about the requirements and application processes, can access: [email protected] or

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