February 24, 2021

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They criticize the mayor of Aguadilla for buying refrigerators and stoves before the elections

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AGUADILLA – The popular candidate for mayor of Aguadilla, Julio Roldán, attacked Mayor Yanitzia Irizarry on Friday for asking the Municipal Legislature for money to buy citizens refrigerators, stoves, blocks, sand and cement 25 days before the elections.

According to Roldán, last Wednesday, October 7, the mayor called an Extraordinary Session of the Municipal Legislature to, among other things, authorize a disbursement of money for donations, purchase of electrical appliances and construction materials.

“The actions of the mayor of Aguadilla border on impudence and the crude attempt to buy consciences. Mayor Yanitzia Irizarry through the Office of Communities of Bases de Fe, called an extraordinary session to, among other things, transfer to this office the amount of $ 247,560 for the purchase of refrigerators, stoves, blocks, sand and cement, “he said. Roldán in written statements.

Roldán presented the Municipal Ordinance in which the authorization of purchases is requested.

“The action goes beyond the call made at the last minute by the mayor. The despair of this woman is so much that they are asking the Municipal Legislature for authorization to pay for a refrigerator in a furniture store in our town, with funds that were not available. That is to say, they bought the electric enser on loan and now they are looking to pay for it with the money they requested in the extraordinary session. This definitely denotes the mayor’s bad intention and a clear contempt for a healthy administration of municipal money, “he added.

“The Municipality of Aguadilla has a budget of 31 million dollars and a debt of 78 million dollars at the moment, this letter sent by the Office of Management and Budget of the Government of Puerto Rico on June 29, 2020 denotes the lack of control and the mismanagement of the mayor in the effective and responsible use of the municipality’s money, ”said Roldán.

“We call on the mayor to face our fellow citizens and explain the serious indications made by the Office of Management and Budget, the mayor must answer how she justifies the more than 2 million dollars in hiring professional services to her relatives, how is that right off the bat and using the needs of our people, they request that they be allocated money to politicize less than 25 days before the elections ”, he mentioned.

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