June 19, 2021

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They demand citizens act responsibly and wear masks

During the festive weekend many people seem to have forgotten that the world is still fighting the deadly Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, and stopped following the most basic recommendations to combat it, understand the use of masks covering the mouth and nose, as well as maintaining social distance.

Several images on social networks show crowds celebrating without proper protection. In particular, the images of a celebration in the town of Boquerón, in Cabo Rojo, have drawn attention because in them you can see dozens of crowded people celebrating, and only one or two within the group are wearing a mask. [19659003] The mayor of Cabo Rojo, Roberto “Bobby” Ramírez, condemned what happened and called people to celebrate observing the recommended sanitary measures against the pandemic.

“I can tell you that we in the municipality took the measures, just like than the State Police. I can tell you that the merchants have taken their measurements. Most of them are serving customers through windows. Inside they have reduced space only serving 65% of the capacity. And I know of cases of people who have entered without a mask and they tell them that they are not going to attend to them. But there are people who get upset. And you can't be bothered because that is a requirement today. I do not know in what language they are going to be told, "lamented the mayor.

" The police guided the people. But then they are individual decisions. There were many people wearing a mask, but there were many others who were not wearing it. After so much effort has been made, and those things happen, "he lamented.

" Look, and it's everywhere. The whole world is asking people to wear a mask, it is not only in Puerto Rico, "he insisted. “Look at what is happening in Florida, after the beaches have been opened, they have thousands of cases a day.”

Ramírez considered that perhaps more severe measures should be taken against those who refuse to observe the sanitary recommendations, and perhaps, “ create a law so that people fine the license, the license plate, the water or electricity bill, to see if they do things correctly. Like when the seat belts (in cars) that the fine was very low and they had to raise it so that people could use it. ”

The mayor assured that they had even moved the schedules so that the cleaning employees Work will begin at 10:00 pm, the curfew is in effect, instead of 2:00 am like they used to do back in the days before Covid-19. However, upon arrival at 10:00 p.m. to tourist sites such as Boquerón, Playuela, El Combate, “people were on the street as if it were 6:00 in the afternoon. We had to call the police. People were left out. They do not respect. And in those situations you can have 10 police officers to control a crowd of 1,000 people. ”

Ramírez reported that in Cabo Rojo they have only had about eighty cases of Covid -19, mostly people between the ages of 30 and 60, and two deaths, of a 66-year-old person and a 76-year-old person.

“God willing and I am wrong, but within two weeks we can have an outbreak, and that these businesses and their employees and owners are contagious, and have to close, ”said Ramírez. "And the bad thing is that it may be your neighbor, a family member, that you come to your house and be your grandmother, your father, your mother, a person over 60 who are the most vulnerable, and that you are the one who your family member has been infected, and he ends up in a hospital, cased, and you can neither see them nor say goodbye. ”

The mayor insisted that the municipality has taken the measures, has surveillance, a public order code, and that the merchants have also done their part by serving through windows and limiting the entry of businesses, but he called people to do their part too.

“We exhort people, Cabo Rojo in a preferred place to enjoy. Now we have another long weekend soon, July 25th. We ask that you see what is happening elsewhere. And please, when they come, let them come with a mask, "pleaded the mayor. “And also, that they take the garbage, that is another problem that we have.”

Meanwhile, Governor Wanda Vázquez echoed the claims against people who are not complying with health recommendations to combat Covid- 19 and recalled that the use of the mask “is compulsory.”

“I said it from the beginning. It is individual responsibility. We already control it, we close when we should have closed, we protect the life and health of Puerto Ricans. Now it is up to everyone, "said the governor, at the end of the meeting of the board of the New Progressive Party (PNP).

" I saw a video this morning, from the town in Boquerón, where people were sharing, perhaps one had a mask. Well, you know what? That is the responsibility of every citizen. And my call is that we can enjoy, they can go out, they can share, but they have to wear the mask. It is everyone's responsibility. So the call would be to let them know that it is compulsory, and that it is the way for us to avoid it, "Vázquez insisted.

To First Hour questions about the situation of the pandemic and the increase that has been observed in the In the last days of Covid-19 cases, the governor explained that the health system is not currently involved, but reiterated the call to comply with the recommended sanitary measures.

"We examine Covid's statistics every day, for at night when he leaves the Department of Health, and in the morning, to see how it relates, how the health system is compromised. We have seen that the health system in terms of those hospitalized by Covid, of those in intensive care units by Covid, and those who are on ventilators (respirators) has remained, at 1% and 0.4% those who are in fans. What it means is that we are probably opening up to different economic activities, we are always going to hope that it has to increase or will increase some cases of Covid. The important thing is that we do not compromise the health system, "he explained.

" The rise we have seen, during the week we could have perhaps 10, 12 (cases) daily, now we are seeing 22, 28. But, as long as it is not an exponential increase, which is what we are monitoring every day, and that the health system is not compromised, because we can manage the situation, "he added.

" But each citizen knows that it is an individual responsibility of each one "Insisted the governor.

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