March 4, 2021

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They demand information on the process of transferring PREPA employees to LUMA

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The capitol – The president of the Chamber’s Energy Commission, Víctor Parés Otero, requested on Friday information from the directors of LUMA Energy, the Electric Power Authority (PREPA), and the Authority for Public-Private Partnerships on the transfer process that is being carried out for PREPA employees, towards the consortium, under the contract granted to manage the transmission and distribution of energy.

Parés Otero said, he has received information stating that the company LUMA Energy is in a process of interviews or job fairs to recruit workers from PREPA and who choose to move to this company.

“Law 120 of 2018, in section 15, clearly establishes that the jobs of the Authority’s workers are guaranteed under the APP contract. Safeguards were included in the legislated and approved statutes, which provide for these employment guarantees. That is why we are asking for information and for an explanation of why these employees have to go through an interview process. Doing another process with the personnel that currently works in PREPA is against the law, ”the representative warned in a written communication.

Parés Otero also reported that he will be summoning, once again, to a meeting the officials of the instrumentalities that are in charge of executing the energy public policy to account for the processes that are being followed as part of the transition with LUMA.

“We want to make sure that all the provisions in law are complied with. With this in mind, we have held several public hearings to verify information, after the contract was awarded to the LUMA consortium. Although it is true that it is urgent to direct the transformation and reconstruction of the island’s electrical system for the benefit of all, it must be carried out in compliance with the laws and ensuring that the acquired rights of the Authority’s workers are not violated, “said the legislator.

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