April 16, 2021

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They demand investigation into problems in primaries | government

The spokesman for the delegation of the Popular Democratic Party (PPD), Rafael “Tatito” Hernández, called on the House of Representatives to convene itself to investigate the failure of the primary and the administrative chaos that was unleashed in the State Elections Commission (CEE), leaving thousands of voters without the opportunity to exercise their right to vote and the expectation that the processes will continue next Sunday.

To their claim- embodied in a letter sent to President Carlos “Johnny” Méndez – The popular representatives Jesús Santa Rodríguez and Luis Vega Ramos and José “Conny” Varela joined. EL VOCERO requested a reaction from Méndez on the request of the popular minority, but as of press time, no response was received.

In addition, the legislators indicated that it is important to investigate the implications that the recently approved Electoral Code had in the primary and in which more than half of the voters in the 110 precincts were left without voting. They also did not rule out referring alleged commission of crimes in the processes to the state and federal authorities of law and order, regardless of whether the Chamber investigates or not.

“It is important that the auction process that was carried out to award the contract be investigated printing of ballots, the total cost of this process and if the selected printing company had the capacity to comply with the contract signed with the State Elections Commission for the handling of ballots so that we can set the responsibilities on those who failed the country and avoid at all costs that something like this happens again in the general elections in November ”, expressed Hernández.

They could quote Dávila

He said that the Chamber could summon the president of the EEC, Juan Ernesto Dávila and the electoral commissioners of the PPD and the New Progressive Party (PNP). Also to the suppliers of ballots and other equipment for the electoral event.

According to Hernández, the president of the Chamber has the power – through the regulations of the Chamber – to self-convene an extraordinary session to approve an investigative resolution and proceed with it. to the investigation through the Government Commission. "If Johnny Méndez truly feels indignation and wants to restore the credibility of the electoral process in the eyes of the whole world, he has to act immediately," he said.

He affirmed that they have received information that the EEC did not follow an inclusive process and without participation of the parties. "He focused on a single figure and that is what we have received by call and by texts," Hernández stated.

For his part, Vega Ramos anticipated that he will also ask the state and federal authorities to start criminal investigations against the officials. involved in the failed primary, including the president of the EEC

“I know what I am saying and I say it with the responsibility that this entails. Here we must recognize that in addition to the incompetence and potential criminal negligence of the president of the EEC, the new Electoral Code is a fundamental part of this crisis. The current extraordinary call must be called or extended to repeal it and that is not the one that regulates the November election, "he said.

He explained that the implementation of the new electoral law led to the dismissal of the vice presidents of the CEE, which eliminated the partisan balance of the electoral processes. “In the case of the PPD, the person removed was Mr. Nicolás Gautier, who is one of the most experienced people in electoral procedures in Puerto Rico. It did not last 24 hours after the Electoral Code was approved, that type of decision placed control over a person who was not qualified, "he said.

Normally, legislative investigations can conclude with suggestions to amend laws or with referrals to the law and order authorities.

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