May 14, 2021

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They demand that they attend to claims of Public Building workers in the event of positive COVID-19

The president of the Union of Office Employees and Professionals of the Public Buildings Authority (AEP), Freddie Rodríguez Rohena, denounced through a press release the "insensitivity and indifference" of the executive director of the Authority, Melitza López Pimentel, in addressing the Union's claims regarding the confirmation of positive cases for COVID-19 in that agency.

In the face of the most recent case of COVID-19 contagion in the AEP of an employee of the Administration Office in The Minillas Government Center, Rodríguez Rohena demanded in a communication sent yesterday August 12 to the Executive Director of the Agency, the immediate activation of the protocol, the complete closure of the floor where the infected person works and the disinfection and sanitation of all the offices on the floor and elevators. Likewise, he requested that contact tracing be carried out and that those [email protected] who had contact with the infected person be ordered to quarantine, as set out in the protocol for the management of COVID-19.

“Mrs. López Pimentel has shown no empathy or sensitivity whatsoever with the workers of the AEP in the management of this pandemic. Since day one we have sent dozens of communications demanding that you activate protocols, organize work with the appropriate number of employees as dictated by the Governor's Executive Orders, observe hygiene and disinfection measures to protect the health of employees and their families, do reasonable accommodations for those employees with compromised health conditions, among other claims, and to whom a deaf ear has been turned, ”Rodríguez Rohena said in writing.

The president of the union recalled that the Governor's EOs establish that the Government agencies will continue to offer services that can be provided without compromising the health and safety of their employees. The various EOs, as amended, also observe that employees will report to work, according to the nature of their jobs, up to a maximum of 10 employees. However, according to the daily list taken by the Authority's internal security office, the number of employees who attend work daily fluctuates between 67 and 87 approximately. These workers, mostly from administrative offices, such as Human Resources, Finance, Budget, Purchasing, do not have an appropriate physical distance and use the same exit and entry, thus expanding the possibility of contagion between them.

“We want to make a Urgent call to the Executive Director of the Authority, and in view of the confirmation of positive cases of COVID-19 in the agency, to address the claims made on this issue in dozens of letters sent since April 1 and to which no we have had no reply. We demand immediate coordination between the management and the Union, exclusive representatives of the office workers and professionals of the AEP, for the adequate implementation of protocols and protection and hygiene measures for the safety of all [email protected]and that they are respected the protocols dictated in the EOs established by the Governor. Likewise, we ask that health and safety measures be addressed in the regions of Caguas, Humacao, Mayagüez, Ponce, Aguadilla, Carolina, Guayama, Bayamón and Arecibo, the latter two closed due to confirmation of positive cases of the virus. The historical moment that the country is experiencing requires leaders who behave at the height of the moment, with responsibility, empathy and sensitivity. It is about the life of the workers of this country that belongs to all of us, ”stated Rodríguez Rohena.

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