May 13, 2021

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They demand the governor to stop deterioration in national parks | government

Samuel González, former director of National Parks, today summoned Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced not to allow further deterioration of vacation centers and parks and to begin their immediate rehabilitation.

“In recent weeks, it has been demonstrated to Through social networks and various media, the state of neglect of the national parks attached to the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources, and this government has proven to be incapable and insensitive with a total absence of will to address these problems. " González noted.

He noted that the main resorts are closed and their theme parks, such as the Camuy River Cavern Park and the Doctor Juan A. Rivero Zoo, also do not have a rehabilitation and opening plan. [19659002] González, former director of the National Parks Company, pointed out that “the government could have declared the zoo a critical facility and agi lize the arrival of resources. "

" In the same way that the governor allocated over 600 million for the rehabilitation of urban areas and an additional 50 million for DMO for advertising, she also has the power to allocate CDBG funds- DR a game for the rehabilitation of vacation and spa centers, "he said.

In his opinion," this would have allowed him to promote internal tourism and help our battered economy … We must act immediately, before those facilities become continue to deteriorate and their rehabilitation cost much more. "

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