June 25, 2021

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They denounce loss of benefits of Tourism employees | government

Popular representative Ángel Matos reaffirmed his request to Governor Wanda Vázquez to desist from eliminating the Tourism Company (CTPR) and denounced the loss of acquired rights of the employees of the Gaming Division.

“The heart that pumps the casino activity in Puerto Rico and is the custodian of the millions of dollars that are collected. For the CTPR now turned into a game division, intertwined and mixed with new and questionable trends. What has been lost are acquired rights, it is being abused with the rigged change of the medical plans of these colleagues where in an indirect and constructive way, salaries are subtracted, since the new medical plan offered is less in services , but it is more expensive in the pocket of our people ”, affirmed the legislator during a press conference in the company of CTPR employees.

He indicated that the present administration intends to turn the CTPR into an irrelevant office within the Department of Economic Development and Commerce (DDEC), to put into operation a Commission, which has brought “unrest and instability among its employees.”

He pointed out that the new Puerto Rico Gaming Commission violates the acquired rights of the employees of the Gaming Division of the CTPR.

He highlighted that since July 16, the management and career employees of the CTPR, attached to the Division of Games of Chance have tried to communicate without success with the executive director of the Puerto Rico Gaming Commission, José Maymó Azize, to know your future job.

In addition, he denounced the harsh way in which he canceled the medical plan contract for hundreds of CTPR employees, in order to take on a new health insurance with a higher contribution, which entails a reduction in their salaries.

Meanwhile, Andy Viera, representative of the Division of Games of Chance, said to questions from the press that about 300 employees are affected by the change in the coverage of the medical plan.

“The management employees of the Gaming Division are being denied the right to be able to negotiate a medical plan at the level that we had previously. Law 81 clearly specifies that the employees of the Gaming Division transferred to the Gaming Division will pass with all acquired rights. Nothing could be further from the truth … I am calling on Maymó to sit down with the managerial employees and attend to the claims of the industry, the casino industry is dying and we have a fan “, said Viera.

He insisted that they be allowed to negotiate his medical plan.

Meanwhile, the president of the Association of Managers of the CTPR Iranda Rivera, summoned the governor to restore autonomy to the agency.

“The CTPR operated with a budget of $ 115 million and gave $ 4.5 million to the DDEC. There is no reason for the DDEC to absorb the CTPR when the CTPR has a budget of $ 115 million. Here there was an error, something in a hurry, on the run, which did not give time to reflect on what was going to happen to the CTPR and what were the interests that were behind the CTPR that have done terrible damage, “said Rivera.

He noted that the DDEC does not have the structure, nor the scaffolding to absorb the CTPR.

THE SPOKESMAN requested a reaction to the CTPR and is waiting for it.

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