August 5, 2021

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They denounce sending more political messages from the PNP to emails from the UPR

Students of the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) system have again denounced the sending of political propaganda to the email accounts of the institution's platform.

This time, they are campaign messages from the New Progressive Party (PNP), in which they invite to vote under the party insignia in the next elections of November 2020. Through the social network Instagram, the page "With Sentiment PR" published the series of messages among which There is also publicity alluding to the campaign of the President of the Senate, Thomas Rivera Schatz.

"I am a student of the UPR System and today I received this from my institutional email. The PNP / PPD are scared, because they know that nobody is eating the stories anymore. , that nobody is interested in voting in full for such a lying, violent and corrupt party. That said, @upr_oficial how do you explain this? How did a political campaign get our emails icos? ", reads the message posted on Instagram questioning the reason why political campaign advertising reaches emails from the educational system.

Last week, a similar complaint occurred after the arrival of political messages from Pedro Pierluisi's campaign to the institutional email of several UPR students. Given this, the institution had to clarify the situation through social networks and indicated that it will be investigated.

“The official web pages of the University of Puerto Rico do not contain political propaganda. The Information Systems Office is investigating the complaint, "said the UPR via Twitter at the time.

Related note:

Pedro Pierluisi's campaign denied in written statements that they used the institution's platforms to campaign Politics.

"Our campaign categorically refuses to send emails to addresses of the PR or UPR government. We have never used government resources to make politics. We have detected false accounts created to give the impression that they come from our campaign , which is illegal and we will be taking the corresponding legal measures, as well as alerting the authorities. The illegal intention of the people who carry out these actions is evident, "he said.

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