June 14, 2021

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They detect flaws and irregularities during inspections at the Salinas weighing station

The Transportation and Other Public Services Bureau of the Public Service Regulatory Board reported today that it carried out a security operation at the Salinas weigh station.

The Bureau’s agents carried out around 70 inspections in which they found security flaws and irregularities in various commercial transport vehicles, as indicated.

“The main purpose of this type of operation is to ensure that commercial vehicles that travel on public roads in the country comply with all the requirements of state and federal laws,” expressed in written statements the president of the Transportation and Other Public Services Bureau, Jaime The fountain.

“In addition to ensuring that the vehicles meet the requirements of the law, we seek that their conditions are optimal. This, in order to avoid accidents that endanger the lives of drivers, as well as those who travel on the roads, “said the engineer.

The inspections included the safety components of the vehicles, as well as the review of the drivers’ documentation, among other aspects.

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