February 27, 2021

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They distribute material against gender violence in lights

A group of volunteers visited multiple traffic lights of the PR-2 state race in Mayagüez this morning with the purpose of providing material for counseling women, as well as members of the LGBTTQ community, about organizations and entities that provide direct help services against gender violence, including their telephone numbers, hotlines and a brief summary of the assistance available. Among the group was the representative Maricarmen Mas Rodríguez.

“It is not enough just to deplore gender violence, we have to be proactive and act, that is why this morning we ‘took’ the streets of our beloved city of Mayagüez to give people, particularly women and members of the LBGTTQ community detailed information on the services that are available, both at the government level and in non-profit entities, so that they, if they are part of or know a person who is in a situation of violence, can ask for help they have the right, ”the Representative for District # 19 of Mayagüez and San Germán stated in writing.

From early in the morning, Mas Rodríguez, along with several volunteers, were distributing the information material, in the form of a brochure, to hundreds of passers-by at some traffic lights of the very busy PR-2 in Mayagüez, including the intersection of the Western shopping center. Square.

“You have to know what aids exist, ignorance is something that also contributes to the sense of despair in a victim of gender violence. We are and will be at the traffic lights of Mayagüez to give this important information to our people. Gender-based violence must be eradicated and that begins with education, with knowing that you are not alone, that the government and extraordinary non-profit organizations are here for you and your family, ”added the legislator affiliated with the New Progressive Party. (PNP).

Mas Rodríguez announced that he will continue to provide information, not only in “lights and intersections of our Representative District, but also in every public place that he may go. Our goal is that not another life is lost as a result of this terrible social ”.

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