February 25, 2021

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They enable link to request food assistance for students | government

The Department of the Family, through the government portal, today enabled the link to request food assistance for students, known as Pandemic EBT (P-EBT).

This second phase includes students from the public school system who are not beneficiaries of the Nutrition Assistance Program (PAN).

Families can access the link pr.gov/pebt/ for more information.

As reported, approximately 336,000 students in Puerto Rico are eligible for the P-EBT, of which 286,787 are students of the public education system. Of these, 219 thousand belong to the PAN, around 67 thousand students from the public system do not participate in the PAN program, and 50 thousand students belong to eligible private or non-profit school entities.

Last week, the sending of $ 176.8 million to the first group of 219 thousand students of the public system who are beneficiaries of the PAN was confirmed.

The disbursements of the first phase continue tomorrow, Tuesday, February 23 for the digits ending from 3 to 5; on Wednesday, February 24 for the digits 6 and 7 on Thursday, February 25 for the digits 8 and 9.

Meanwhile, the third phase aimed at students from eligible private or non-profit institutions, who participate in the School Lunch program of the Department of Education, begins this Friday, February 26.

Meanwhile, it was explained that once the application is completed, the card with the benefits will arrive in the mail in a term of between five and seven days.

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