June 19, 2021

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They establish a vaccination center against Covid-19 in Barceloneta

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BARCELONETA – The mayor of Barceloneta, Wanda Soler Rosario, announced this Thursday that on Saturday, December 26, a vaccination center against Covid-19 will be established in Barceloneta.

The hours of services will be from 8:00 in the morning to 4:00 in the afternoon, at the municipality’s Convention Center. Soler explained that only health professionals will be served that day.

“Next Saturday, December 26, health professionals who offer services or reside in Barceloneta as well as in neighboring towns, will be able to go to the Convention Center of our town to receive the first dose of their vaccine. It is important to highlight that only those people who offer medical services and who are included in the first round of vaccination established by the central government will be attended, ”Soler announced in a written communication.

“We are hopeful that this vaccine can minimize the number of infections in the country,” said the Mayor of Barceloneta.

The government said it expects to vaccinate most of the population by summer 2021. The plan is to administer the vaccine in phases. In the first phase, it is expected to serve health professionals, hospital workers and emergency response workers, as well as people who work and live in shelters, nursing homes and long-term care centers, among others.

“We continue with our work plan to minimize infections. This includes sanitation and cleaning of common areas as well as community orientation programs ”, explained Soler.

“We are all responsible for being able to stop this virus and return to normality as soon as possible. I remind you that if we protect ourselves, we save lives, ”said the Mayor.

He added that it will be attended in order of arrival and it is necessary to show evidence of the work carried out by the person interested in being vaccinated. For more information, you can call the Barceloneta Municipality’s Hotline for guidance and inquiries about Covid at 787-846-3045.

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