August 5, 2021

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They fear that activities during the weekend will increase the cases | Present

The activities of the weekend -both of the people in Puerto Rico and those who traveled to other places- without necessarily having taken the due precautions, keep the health authorities vigilant, while representatives of different health sectors warn about a greater contagion with covid-19.

To the agglomeration in different parts of the island is added the crowding in which some Puerto Ricans participated —both those who traveled and those who reside in Florida— in the Guaya Guaya Fest and National Zalsa Day events, held in Orlando.

“To those who arrive on a trip, my exhortation is not to visit their relatives in a period of 14 days, the incubation period of the virus,” warned the designated Secretary of the Department of Health, Carlos Mellado, who emphasized that this next Wednesday The most restrictive measures for travelers come into force, which include a fine of $ 300 for not presenting the negative test for covid-19 upon arrival on the island.

“Every traveler must bring a negative result of the molecular test. Otherwise, you must remain in quarantine until the test is done and you get the result. We have to protect ourselves and our families. The fact that the test is carried out helps us to identify positive cases in time, ”added Mellado.

Governor Pedro Pierluisi said for his part, that it is important that “we follow all the measures to prevent the spread of covid-19. I join the call of our Secretary of Health; we have to protect ourselves and our own ”.

Daniel Colón Ramos, president of the Scientific Coalition that advises the governor in making decisions about the pandemic, indicated through Twitter that “there will be time for these festivals and more, but in the midst of a pandemic, it seems to me an irresponsible activity . As for how it affects Puerto Rico, I believe in emphasizing the importance of showing negative tests at the airport, and molecular epidemiological monitoring systems ”.

While the president of the College of Surgeons, Víctor Ramos, raised THE SPOKESMAN that cases could increase in the coming weeks because people have continued to act as before the pandemic and trust in the vaccine.

“We have that of the vaccine and that makes people walk the same. If you have not hit someone in the family, you think that you will never hit, until it happens and certainly that could increase the cases. There are certainly no events in Puerto Rico. Florida is fully open. So National Day and Guaya Guaya are activities that usually take place in Puerto Rico. So they have a lot of fans from Puerto Rico. There the variants are on the stick. So it’s certainly a risk, ”he added.

Concern about the upside

The former surgeon general of the United States, Antonia Coello de Novello, highlighted yesterday THE SPOKESMAN that he is concerned that the numbers of contagion, hospitalization and death from covid-19 continue to increase.

“Among the hospitalized we have (two) children connected to ventilators. In the presence of that, the factor is being complicated and these cases of today (yesterday) only represent the irresponsibility of some during Holy Week. We still have two weeks to go after Mother’s Day (…) I am now seeing the massive agglomeration of shopping centers, ”said the health worker, who called for education.

“The numbers are not going down, the numbers are going up and if that is what is happening, then we have to consider a little closer the recommendation that the infectologists of Puerto Rico gave for a closure at some point. Never a total closure. The public wouldn’t take it. In addition, the numbers do not indicate that we have to do something in this category, “he said.

More restrictions

In their most recent report, the health workers Ibrahim Pérez and Judith Rodríguez stated that the executive order that came into force on April 17 has been a late and insufficient response that does not respond to the magnitude or severity of the rebound in covid-19 that is living Puerto Rico.

In fact, on that occasion they recommended a commercial closure and partial confinement – be it Sunday or weekend – as well as an extended curfew. They also spoke of night prohibition all week, and greater control at the airport, among other suggestions.

The governor has said that executive orders are constantly analyzed and when they require changes, he will determine it.

They intervene with 13 businesses

During the weekend, the authorities intervened with 13 businesses, horseback riding, all-terrain vehicles in violation of the curfew and evicted a beach in Humacao where a student activity was taking place.

The Investigations Office of the Department of Health intervened with 13 businesses in the municipalities of Juana Díaz, San Juan, Caguas and Cayey, for violations of the measures imposed against covid-19.

According to the Department of Health, more than 293 businesses have been closed and fined since July 2020. There have been 168 guidelines related to compliance with the health and safety protocols established in the executive order and 282 epidemiological guidelines.

Jesús Hernández, director of the Office of Health Investigations, made a call to act within the provisions of law and order. “We need the cooperation of everyone, both the businesses and those who visit them. The responsibility is shared. We are going to maintain our control position and we are going to redouble our efforts to protect health, ”Hernández mentioned.

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