June 15, 2021

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They file a project that would establish a new Labor Reform in Puerto Rico

Photo: CyberNews

SAN JUAN – Rafael Bernabe, senator of the Victory Citizen Movement, filed a bill that would establish a new Labor Reform in Puerto Rico, which would ensure the payment of overtime and strengthen the right to vacation and sick leave for part-time workers.

Senate Bill 123, “Law for the Protection and Expansion of the Rights of Workers of Puerto Rico”, has the objective “of recovering and expanding the rights of workers of Puerto Rico, which were weakened by the so-called labor reform of 2017 ”, as explained this Tuesday in a press release.

The legislative measure also seeks to repeal Law Number 4 of January 26, 2017.

“The project that we have filed ensures the payment of overtime in many situations in which it had been lost, strengthens the right to vacation and sick leave, expands the rights of workers who work part-time and strengthens the defense against unjustified dismissals, ”said Bernabe.

“Filing this measure was one of our main commitments during the electoral campaign and we are fulfilling them. We reiterate our conviction that productivity and exploitation are not synonymous, ”he emphasized.

Bernabe acknowledged that although “Puerto Rico must be more productive,” that “is not achieved through the increasingly ruthless exploitation of our working class.”

“Contrary to what some voices suggest, the recovery of Puerto Rico cannot and should not be achieved at the cost of the impoverishment of working people,” he said.

Bernabe, in turn, exhorted the public “to examine and dialogue” about the explanatory memorandum of the project, which addresses these issues and to examine the provisions of the law.

“And we invite you to mobilize and express your support for this measure and similar measures. This will be key to obtaining its approval, as was the case of the labor protection legislation in the past in Puerto Rico, the United States and other countries ”, he pointed out.

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