June 12, 2021

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They fire several shots at two vehicles in Ponce

Ponce – The Police reported on Tuesday an incident of aggression (detonations), which was reported in the morning on 4th Street of the Clausells neighborhood, in Ponce.

According to the police report, the complainant Miguel Rivera alleged that someone fired several shots while he was inside the Kia vehicle, Rio model, white in 2018, in front of Colmado El Sol, located on the aforementioned street. In the middle of the incident, the complainant was unharmed.

Related to the events, his vehicle was reported with damage, with an impact on the front door on the left side and the Nissan motor vehicle, Sentra model of the year 2012, with an impact on the front tire on the right side.

The complaint was investigated by agent Silva from the Ponce East Precinct and agent Doel Santos from Technical Services appeared at the scene, who was in charge of gathering evidence and taking photos of the place.

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