May 15, 2021

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They guide citizens about earthquakes | PRESENT

In a panel presented by the Puerto Rico Bar Association, the director of the Seismic Network, Víctor Huérfano, urged citizens to be prepared for a seismic event.

“When the scientist addresses the public, sometimes they do not understand it and that must be changed. We have to emphasize a lot in the community, because it will never stop shaking, the important thing is that each person is prepared, ”said Huérfano.

Orphan recalled the row of earthquakes that have shaken the southwest area since last January and urged the country to learn from these experiences.

“We must learn from these lessons that the tremors have left us. We must emphasize having well-made structures and that each home has an emergency plan, ”said the director of the Seismic Network.

Samuel Rosario Solís and the architect Luis Badillo Solís also participated in the panel.

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