July 26, 2021

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They identify 19 contacts after positive to Covid-19 of Lorenzo González | government

There are already 19 contacts identified by the Secretary of Health, Lorenzo González, who remains in quarantine after having tested positive for Covid-19.

In written statements, the Health Department reported that the secretary offered 19 contacts, of which 15 have already submitted their negative test for the virus.

“In relation to the people he reported as contacts, all were oriented and sent to quarantine, according to the protocols of the Office of Epidemiology of the Department of Health. According to the central level contact tracing system, which is working on the case, the secretary reported 19 contacts, of which 15 have already submitted their negative test to Covid-19 and four are awaiting results. All will be kept in quarantine, until this period is fulfilled ”, it was reported in written statements to this medium.

It was reported that the secretary will continue in isolation until next week, although they indicated that he continues to “attend to the affairs of the department in a virtual way. Fortunately he has only reported minor ailments related to the virus, but no worrisome symptoms that put his health at risk ”.

“We trust that people who are waiting for results will also come out negative. These contacts are being monitored by the central contact tracing system, until the corresponding day ”, it was indicated. “We hope that, after the final evaluations, the secretary will return to his face-to-face work next week.”

One of the people who was tested after being in contact with the secretary was Governor Wanda Vázquez, who has reported her negative results for the virus. The contagion of the secretary was reported after he returned from a trip to New York with the president for a meeting with the Fiscal Control Board.

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