August 1, 2021

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They inspect Luquillo kiosks to check if they comply with the COVID-19 protocols

“We came to evaluate first-hand together with the Health inspectors, that the security protocols are being complied with, both for visitors and for the safety of the employees of these businesses,” said Alonso Vega in written communication.

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LUQUILLO – The Chamber Commission for Tourism and Social Welfare, together with officials from the Department of Health and the Tourism Company, carried out on Tuesday an visual inspection in several of the Luquillo kiosks to verify if they comply with the established COVID-19 protocols in the executive order.

The president of the Commission, representative Néstor Alonso Vega, explained that as part of a series of inspections in areas such as the airport, casinos, and inns, on this occasion they visited one of the most popular places in the eastern area of ​​the island by tourists and local visitors, and considered one of the most important gastronomic centers in the region.

“We came to evaluate first-hand together with the Health inspectors, compliance with the security protocols, both for visitors and for the safety of the employees of these businesses. In one of the establishments, some recommendations were made to the owner related to documents required by Health, and in another about the space between tables to maintain physical distance. Beyond being punitive, it is meritorious that these small tourist businesses be directed to comply with the established measures. If he continues to violate the regulations, or does not correct the indications by Health, he will act in accordance with the executive order, “said Alonso Vega in a written communication.

Inspector Jesús Hernández, from the Research Office of the Health Department, indicated that he was satisfied to see that basically the kiosks visited were complying with the protocols. He said that in one of the kiosks, El Terruño, previously some indications had been made and today it was validated that they were corrected.

Another of the establishments visited was La Parrilla, whose owner explained that they have reduced the capacity in the premises to 45% and have limited the tables available in the dining room. They also established a security protocol in the parking lot so that people can order their food from their vehicles, and thus keep a minimum number of people inside the premises. He also said that they made changes to the closing time to ensure compliance with the executive order.

At kiosk 7 of “Sonia & Peyin, they were made several recommendations aimed at strengthening their COVID-19 protocols.

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