March 2, 2021

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They investigate a woman who cashed an unemployment check in the name of another person

A person filed a complaint on Thursday afternoon, reporting that a woman cashed a check from the Department of Labor in the name of another person at an establishment called Oller Envios, located on Guayama Street, in Hato Rey.

According to the police report, the check was from the Department of Labor and was for 7,392. Once again, on behalf of someone else.

The case was referred to agents of the Property Division of the Criminal Investigation Corps to continue with the investigation.

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Earlier, the police reported that charges were filed against Juan Santiago Altruz, 20 years old por violation of the Weapons Law and two charges under the Controlled Substances Law, for events that occurred in the Los Diamantes Sector in Ponce. In addition, they found a check for almost $ 10,000 from the Pandemic Unemployment Program (PUA) and cash.

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