June 19, 2021

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They investigate another death of an inmate in Las Cucharas | government

The authorities are investigating the death of an inmate, reported at around 12:07 am this Saturday, which occurred at the Ponce 500 Institution of the Correctional Complex “Sgt. Pedro J. Rodríguez Mateo ”(Las Cucharas), in Ponce.

According to information received by the Command Center, a call from the Correctional Complex reported the death of an inmate in that prison.

Agent Colón, from the Ponce Oeste Precinct, appeared at the scene and reported that 44-year-old inmate Wilson Cruz Ponce was found at North Control B, module H-208.

Dr. Marieemma Mage certified the absence of vital signs.

It was also indicated that at the time the body of the inmate did not show signs of violence.

The personnel of the Ponce Criminal Investigation Corps were informed, where agents Fernando Tarafa, of Homicides, and Pablo Vélez Blay, of Technical Services, took charge of the corresponding investigation, this in conjunction with the prosecutor Ildefonso Torres, who ordered the removal and transfer of the body to Forensic Sciences for autopsy purposes.

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