February 26, 2021

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They investigate information about a clandestine disco for minors in Old San Juan

SAN JUAN – A video published this Sunday in the tunoticiapr.com media shows a clandestine disco for minors in Old San Juan, which at its entrance has a door of a soda machine that leads to a place in a basement.

According to the review of the media, police officers arrived at the scene investigating the disappearance of a minor, reported by the young man’s family.

“The minor’s cell phone was located on Imperial Street, corner of Virtud, in Old San Juan,” the review indicates.

The video shows a business with a sign that identifies it as “Café Teatro Rivera Hermanas.” The establishment has another sign that says: “Delivery Carry Out”.

The persons identified as agents “found the manager of the place with another woman washing the sidewalk and both told her that the place was closed.” However, they indicated that they could proceed to verify and found access to the minors’ disco.

Investigate the Police

For his part, Commander José Juan García, director of the San Juan Police Drug Office, told CyberNews “that we are trying to verify the information” reported on tunoticiapr.

Commander García said that there is no complaint or report of the alleged discovery, but they are investigating the complaint.

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