June 15, 2021

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They investigate possible death of teenager by COVID-19

The Department of Health investigates as a probable case of COVID-19 that of a minor who recently died in a hospital institution due to respiratory complications.

This was confirmed by Primera Hora, through a source that explained that the teenager, who suffered from chronic respiratory conditions from birth, had a crisis that led to her being confined to the hospital.

Initially, the death was certified as one related to her chronic health conditions. However, it was not until the body of the minor, who was a candidate for organ donation, was subjected to screening tests that information about the apparent spread of the coronavirus emerged.

Primera Hora contacted Maresa Boneta Dueña , Director of Public Affairs of Life Link, to confirm the version offered by the source of this newspaper.

Boneta Dueña said that, as part of the confidentiality policies of this type of donation process, “we are not authorized to give no case information unless the relatives have signed some authorization. ”

When asked by Primera Hora, the director confirmed that COVID-19 tests are being carried out on all potential donors. "As part of the protocol, the person's medical history is reviewed and from there a 'screening' is carried out to determine what tests are to be performed; that of COVID-19 has been included since the past months. We do not want to take an organ from a patient who had an infectious disease to a person who needs a transplant and whose immune system is compromised, "he explained.

Primera Hora requested a reaction to this information from the Department of Health and the Bureau of Forensic Sciences and the answer is expected.

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