June 12, 2021

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They issue fines against a cockpit in Utuado for violating an executive order

Dennis Jones / Metro Puerto Rico / archive

The said order is effective since last Friday

By CyberNews

Monday, January 11, 2021, at 08:49

Dennis Jones / Metro Puerto Rico / file

On Sunday afternoon, the Police made an intervention in the La Utuadeña cockpit, located in Utuado, for violation of executive order 2021-010 to prevent infections with Covid-19.

Agents who came to the public highway that gives access to the Gallera and a radio station, found that it was blocked and there was an agglomeration of people, for which they proceeded to contact the administrator of the gallera.

The agents issued a ticket for violation of article 6 (d) (4) of the executive order to the manager of the cockpit for not keeping physical distance in the establishment.

He was also fined for not having the sign that stipulates the number of people that can be in the place.

The administrator was oriented on the provisions of said order and on compliance with Law 22, Vehicle and Traffic Law.

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