June 11, 2021

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They kill a person in San Sebastián

Photo: Supplied

SAINT SEBASTIAN – A man was killed by several bullets on a municipal road, near the metal bridge, Antiguo Chaneliz, in the Pueblo neighborhood of San Sebastián, the Police reported.

According to the initial investigation, at around 4:50 pm on Monday a phone call was received at the State Emergency Management Office in San Sebastián, which alerted about a body lying on the pavement.

When the police arrived at the site of the complaint, they found a person, who has not been identified but was described as having a dark complexion, with a bullet impact in the back of the head.

Agent David Ríos initially investigated the complaint and later referred it to Agent Denise Ortiz, who along with Agent Leonel González, from Technical Services, and Prosecutor Sharon Falak, are working on the murder scene.

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