April 17, 2021

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They mourn the death of a doctor due to Covid-19 | PRESENT

The Metropolitan Hospital is in mourning for the loss of one of the doctors who for decades worked in its emergency room.

The lawyer Jose Talavera Reyes, executive director of the Hospital reported that Raúl Rubio Burgos, died the night of August 12 because of Covid-19. He explained that Rubio Reyes dedicated over 20 years of his medical practice to the emergency room of the Metropolitan Hospital.

"We honor his dedication and we will remember him with gratitude for his deed for the benefit of the health of the Metropolitan Hospital community," he said. Talavera Reyes.

Dr. Rubio Burgos is the fifth doctor in Puerto Rico to die from coronavirus, according to statistics from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Puerto Rico.

Talavera Reyes also thanked the physician colleagues who They worked on the management of the treatment provided to Rubio Reyes. He indicated that yesterday a tribute was celebrated recalling and thanking his career, in which the Medical School and Hospital employees participated.

Dr. Samuel Santos Tomassini, director of the Emergency Room Department, indicated that Rubio Burgos He worked with loyalty and unwavering commitment, even though he was old enough to enjoy retirement. "We lost a great doctor, but he left us a legacy of his tireless passion to serve, which with great honor we will continue forever," said Santos Tomassini.

For her part, Karen Artau Feliciano, president of Metro Pavía Health System, extended his condolences to the family and friends of Rubio Burgos.

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