June 12, 2021

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They murder a person and gunshot a man

Occurred in the morning hours today

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Catano – Two men were shot at around 7:10 in the morning this Tuesday, on 14th Street in the Los Cabos sector, in Las Vegas, in Cataño, the Police reported.

The two people, whose identity is unknown at the time, were transported to the Cataño Diagnosis and Treatment Center to receive medical assistance, where it was reported that one of them died and the other the health condition is unknown.

Agents assigned to the Cataño district in conjunction with the Bayamón CIC Homicide staff are at the scene investigating.

On Monday afternoon, a shooting was reported on Flor del Valle Avenue, near the Jardines de Cataño residential complex, which left a man dead and a woman shot.

The murdered man was identified as José Orlando González Ayala, 21 years old.

It was originally reported that two people were shot and wounded in the incident, but it was later clarified that it was only one, identified as Vimaris Pastrana Torres, 38 years old.

Pastrana Torres was transported by Medical Emergencies to the Medical Center in Río Piedras, in stable condition, with a gunshot wound to the abdomen.

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