April 23, 2021

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They observe three systems with cyclonic potential in the Atlantic

The National Hurricane Center (CNH) in Miami monitors three tropical waves in the Atlantic for their cyclonic potential.

The first is a low pressure area located hundreds of miles east southwest of the Cape Verde Islands. The 8:00 am report from the CNH highlights that it is producing a small disorganized area of ​​rains and thunderstorms. However, it is expected to have a gradual development next week.

Regarding the second tropical wave, the CNH highlights that it is joining with another disturbance located a few hundred miles south of the Cape Verde islands, which makes it a large area of ​​rains and thunderstorms. Although it is currently disorganized, it is expected that next week it could turn into a tropical depression as it moves through the center of the Atlantic Ocean.

NOAA Atlantic

While the third is expected to leave the shores of Africa this weekend and by next week it could have some kind of development as it moves west across the Atlantic.

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