August 4, 2021

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They occupy a drone with drugs in a jail

Agents seized cocaine, marijuana, suboxone, heroin and pills

Photo: VisualHunt

Aguadilla – A custodial officer of the Guerrero Prison in Aguadilla found a drone at about 1:30 am on Monday morning on the field of building 8 of the aforementioned Institution, which had a package containing drugs attached.

In the package were two bags of cocaine, four bags of marijuana, 50 suboxone slides, and 100 pills.

Minutes later, a package with transparent tape was found in the aforementioned place, which had a bag with marijuana sting, 10 suboxone sheets, 2 bags of cocaine and seven decks of heroin.

Agents Carlos Mercado and Anthony Toro from the Ramey San Antonio de Aguadilla barracks took the occupied material to the Drug Division for analysis, testing positive.

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