January 17, 2021

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They occupy a kilo of cocaine in an intervention for violating the Traffic Law

Photo: Cybernews

FAJARDO – A person using a cell phone while driving a car at around 5:00 pm on Saturday, along highway 3 km 45.8, in Fajardo, was detained by agents of the Ceiba Highway Division who were doing a preventive patrol.

According to a police report, agents Alexander Peña Dávila and Luis Rodríguez Lebrón realize that the driver of the 2009 black Acura RL vehicle, identified as Ángel L. Castillo Rivera, was misusing his mobile phone, for what they send him to stop the march.

Castillo Rivera, 39, a resident of the Santa Cruz neighborhood in Carolina, was accompanied by Cedrick O. Cirino Robles, 35, also a resident of Carolina.

In the middle of the traffic intervention, the couple was seized a kilo of cocaine, for which both were arrested.

The case was consulted with the prosecutor Karla Pacheco, of the Fajardo Prosecutor’s Office, to proceed to bring the couple before a judge.

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