June 13, 2021

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They occupy Controlled Substances and arrest two people for violation of Traffic Law 22

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PONCE – Agents attached to the Ponce Highway Patrol Division, made the arrest of two people (Man and Woman), this in the middle of an intervention for violation of Law 22 of Traffic, carried out on highway # 2 Km 217.5 in the jurisdiction of Ponce, where Controlled Substances and fireworks were seized.

According to the information received by the Command Center Personnel, the driver of the Suzuki vehicle, model Grand Vitara, was intervened, since he was driving at a speed that exceeded the limits and at the time of the intervention, he was placed under arrest for driving under the effects of intoxicating beverages, having read the corresponding Law Warnings.

At the time of the arrest, the man was seized, 30 bags containing Cocaine and 12 bags of Marijuana. The arrested man was identified by the Police as Luis A. Irizarry Irizarry, a 61-year-old resident of Yauco, who was tested for alcohol by breath, yielding positive (.021).

In addition, 11 pyrotechnic cartridges were seized, the same identified as CRAZY ROBOT MK. In this intervention, a woman identified by the Police as Evangeline Martínez Santiago, 55, who is a resident of Yauco and was a passenger, was also arrested.

This case is in charge of agent José Alameda of the Ponce Highway Patrols and who, in turn, consulted with the Prosecutor Ada Torres, who instructed to summon the detainees for December 28, 2020 to the Ponce Court for the possible filing of corresponding charges.

Related to the Pyrotechnics, Lieutenant Ramón Muñiz, Director of the Explosives Division of the Ponce Area, was informed, who indicated that the Division’s Personnel would take charge of the occupation of the same.

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