July 28, 2021

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They offer historic course on health care aimed at individuals and families of the LGBTQ + community

The RCM School of Nursing is a pioneer in Puerto Rico in offering this type of course to undergraduate and graduate students.

Doctor Leyra Figueroa, Professor Irma Vázquez and Professor Felix Román, Photo: Supplied

SAN JUAN – In order to provide learning experiences that promote holistic care to individuals and families of the LGBTQ + community, the School of Nursing of the Medical Sciences Campus (RCM) of the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) announced this Monday the creation of the course Enfe 5225 – Health care aimed at individuals and families of the LGBTQ + community.

The course will also promote interprofessional learning, since it can be taken by students from the six schools that make up the RCM, it was indicated in a written communication.

In this way, the RCM School of Nursing is a pioneer in Puerto Rico in offering this type of course to undergraduate and graduate students.

The course that marks a historical milestone in the academy and the training of health professionals on the Island, was developed by Dr. Leyra Figueroa, Dean of Academic Affairs of the School of Nursing; Professor Irma Vázquez, Dean of Student Affairs of the School of Nursing and Professor Felix Román, Director of the Division of Continuing Education and Professional Studies and of the RCM School of Nursing.

It also featured the participation of community activist Alejandro Santiago Calderón.

“Our School is committed to providing an educational experience of excellence and avant-garde in Nursing Sciences. The Faculty of Nursing is highly qualified with expertise in various areas of specialization. He stands out for his dedication, leadership and futuristic attitude to face the new challenges demanded by Higher Education ”, stated Dr. Suane Sánchez, Dean of the School of Nursing.

According to Professor Félix Román, “people from the LGBTQ + community are an undeniable part of Puerto Rican society. Despite the fact that this group constitutes a quantitatively and qualitatively relevant social group in our country, sexual orientation and gender identity are not included in the majority of national health statistics and studies. Therefore, little is known about the health needs, problems and inequalities of the LGBTQ + population in Puerto Rico. That is why one of the goals of this course is focused on improving the health, safety and well-being of LGBTQ + people ”.

For her part, Dr. Leyra Figueroa said that, “every nursing professional must offer culturally congruent care, defend the rights of LGBTQ + people, proactively contribute to reducing health inequalities and increase the quality of care for individuals. , families and communities. Usually the specific health needs of the LGBTQ + population are insufficiently known or even ignored by the authorities and health professionals ”.

It should be noted that this course also seeks to train professionals who, through interventions, do social justice in health and provide culturally competent care.

“We are very proud to be able to develop this academic alternative. This course aims to promote that LGBTQ + people can enjoy a long life and quality of life. This requires a specific approach from information, research, services and training of health professionals; as well as the administrations in charge of public health ”, concluded Professor Irma Vázquez.

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