March 8, 2021

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They offer recommendations in the face of recent kidnapping cases

The Corporation for the Defense of the Weapons License Holder of Puerto Rico (Codepola), Ariel Torres Meléndez, offered several recommendations to prevent kidnapping, before the disappearance of dozens of people during the past months.

In the first place, Torres Meléndez mentioned that include the topic of self-protection and safety in everyday conversations between families.

“We must have all the senses active, especially vision and hearing; develop photographic memory, Put aside your cell phone or any distraction equipment when you are out of your safe zone and avoid obstruction of visibility in the home ”, expressed the president in written statements.

In addition, he indicated that “when we are away from home, we always we must look towards the exits, never turn your back to the doors and keep a view of the entire area as long as possible. Identify the closest security points. When you are driving, take alternate routes, and on the way home, if you see a vehicle near you, follow the march to a safety point”.

Torres Meléndez urged citizens to be aware of the details such as license plate, vehicle color, some sticker or something peculiar on the face, tattoos or scars.

He also recommended memorize emergency phone numbers (9-1-1). “Create a family interior and exterior security plan, with keys or codes that allow your family and friends to understand that you are in imminent danger,” she emphasized.

Similarly, Torres Meléndez said that “lethal and non-lethal mechanisms should be considered, learn how to carry them and use them correctly” for personal defense.

During the past months, the president stated that thousands of citizens have renewed or processed new weapons licenses, and have motivated their adolescent children to learn self defense methods. Noted that every day more women visit Codepola to process their weapons license.

“The deprivation of liberty can occur to anyone regardless of social, cultural and economic level, so it is necessary to take measures that reduce the risks of becoming a victim of this crime,” said Torres Meléndez.

“It is not about living immersed in paranoia, our lives must continue. We simply must make prevention our way of life,” he said.

Codepola has an enrollment of over 10,000 members and is dedicated to defending the citizen who legitimately has a gun license. For more information, you can access the page, call to (787) 506-8311 or visit the offices in Trujillo Alto.

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