March 3, 2021

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They open a comment period to eliminate the requirement for Electronic Export Information

photo: EFE / Thais Llorca / Archive

WASHINGTON, DC – The Resident Commissioner, Jenniffer González Colón, invited the public on Thursday to provide their comments through the Federal Register to the United States Census Bureau, on the consideration of eliminating the requirement of Electronic Export Information (EEI, by its acronym in English) between the United States and Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

“One of the reasons I have worked to eliminate the ISS is because it places an unnecessary burden on interstate commerce. Puerto Rico is treated as a foreign country, which is incorrect and imposes a requirement that brings additional costs, becoming a trade barrier. Eliminating the EEI is one of the proposals that I included in my work plan when I aspired to the police station and it fills me with satisfaction to see the progress. Now, it is up to the public to leave their opinions on record to complete the process and then the relevant federal agencies can continue evaluating the impact that the elimination of the EEI would have on the availability of data and trade statistics between Puerto Rico and the rest of the countries. United States ”, explained the resident commissioner in a written communication.

In order to understand how other interested parties use the EEI data and how its possible deletion could impact them, the text of the notice has already been made available in the Federal Register, where interested parties can submit their written comments on or before the 16 November 2020.

The commissioner had announced in February about the future publication of this notice, after meeting Census officials, the Office of Economic Analysis (BEA) and the Secretary of Economic Development and Commerce, Manuel Laboy, who together with the Congressman make up a state and federal task force to evaluate the possible removal of the EEI.

“During the past months, the members of the Working Group have kept in communication, joining state and federal efforts to evaluate the possible elimination of this requirement, which represents an economic obstacle for the Island. This requirement does not apply in trade between states. and that is why I will continue working so that Puerto Rico receives equal treatment. Equality for all Puerto Ricans, that has always been my priority in every way, “said the resident commissioner.

González Colón worked with Congressman José Serrano (D-NY) to include language in the 2020 Budget Law to require reports and implementation plans and for the Department of Commerce to work with the government of Puerto Rico to identify alternatives to eliminate the EEI , document that is required for all export of articles, goods or merchandise whose value exceeds $ 2,500.00, regardless of the method used to transport the goods.

Comments can be submitted; Through the Federal eRulemaking Portal: The identification number for this regulation is identified with the RIN number 0607-AA58; or by email directly to [email protected] You must include the RIN number 0607-AA58 in the subject line.

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