July 28, 2021

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They pay attention to the sudden increase in cases of COVID-19 in Canóvanas

Positive cases confirmed by diagnostic test for coronavirus ( COVID-19 ) increased from 16 to 24 in a period of one week, which could be an initial window of an outbreak, warned Danilo Pérez Rivera , member of the group of scientists of the Wisdom Coalition COVID-19 of Puerto Rico.

“In the case of Canóvanas, since the end of May it has gone from 11 to 24 cases, the cases have doubled since the month past. In that sense, that is a sign of activity that can be classified as an outbreak, "explained the scientific advisor and research assistant of the Medical Sciences Campus of the University of Puerto Rico.

" Usually what we use to look at whether there is an outbreak or not the percent change. In San Juan, for example, we already have more than 300 cases, and if five are added, it is not very alert because San Juan already had 300 ”, he indicated about the methodology used to measure the changes.

Pérez He emphasized that the advantage of identifying a possible initial outbreak on time is that a preventive action plan can be developed to curb the increase. Tracking contacts, he said, is an essential element to prevent such activity. If the cases are related to each other, "they come from the same family, from the same event, and that is additional evidence that these cases are connected and indeed represent an outbreak."

A positive aspect that Pérez highlighted is that , according to data from the Department of Health, the samples of the diagnostic tests of the five most recent cases would have been taken on June 13, and were reported about three days later, a considerable time difference compared to the past months. [19659004] "In order to report a case of PCR (diagnostic test) in the statistics it could easily take 30 days. Observed every so often, 'two weeks ago', 'three weeks', 'one month', I got to see samples that they were reported two months after they were taken, "Pérez said.

" If the sample (from the most recent cases of Canóvanas) was taken on June 13, as the Health Department was able to detect or report the results of these tests. in less than three days and that empowers them, they have a greater advantage for them to intervene, to ensure that these people do not continue infecting others, to alert the public around that this situation is occurring and they are trying to put it under control and work a good prevention plan ” , stated the scientific advisor.

Dr. Carlos Mellado, medical director of the Canóvanas Diagnostic Treatment Center (CDT), confirmed that some of these cases are connected to each other and are related to people who arrived in Puerto Rico from the United States. .

“There was a specific case, of some people who came from the United States and met, from there three cases came out and one of them is in the hospital, it is not serious, but it required hospital attention. That specific case was a person who came from the United States, "he explained.

Mellado did not speak of an outbreak in the municipality, although he assured that they observed the increase in cases and are attentive. He also indicated that in the CDT the number of patients with the novel virus "has not been high." The doctor maintained that CDT and city council personnel are conducting contact tracing of all cases. "We cannot let our guard down," he said.

Mellado alerted the public to continue using the mask and, above all, "for me it is even more important to keep a distance of six feet and constant hand washing" .

The recent increase in cases in Canóvanas:

– June 24 – 18

– June 24 – 17

– June 19 – 16

– 19 – June 15

– June 19 – 14

– June 19 – 13

– June 19 – 12

– June 16 – 11

– June 16 – 10 [19659004] – June 16 – 9

– June 16 – 8

– June 16 – 7

– June 16 – 6

– June 15 – 5

Source: Department of Health

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