July 24, 2021

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They present a novel educational alternative for young people | PRESENT

Faced with the change in technological needs and educational realities due to the coronavirus, a group of Puerto Rican entrepreneurs and educators developed a new educational model that integrates an innovative academic curriculum, offered completely online, with electronic video game sports (e- Sports), Robotics and Coding.

The new educational model, known as the eStream Academy, will begin its academic offerings next August and will serve this year only 60 students from ninth to twelfth grades.

“The eStream Academy seeks to satisfy two primary needs: safe and effective education in the face of a pandemic that represents a health challenge; and development of technology skills according to the requirements of the new times and the changing needs of our young people, "said Waleska Muñiz, academic director.

The teacher reported that the new academy will only serve 15 students per grade. He added that the curriculum will be offered through the online education modality for the year 2020 and face-to-face from 2021.

The curriculum mesh is based on multiple intelligences and will be interdisciplinary, contextualized and completely in English. [19659002] In addition to core subjects and eStream skills, innovations include video game design / development, global Olympics skills (e-Sports and robotics), environmental technology, and elective courses such as neuroscience, industrial technology, entrepreneurship, and psychology.

Families interested in obtaining additional guidance on the eStream Academy can call 787-233-5736 or visit www.estream.academy.

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