January 22, 2021

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They present the “Puerto Rico Rum Journey” | government

With the aim of promoting distilleries in Puerto Rico, both for foreign and local tourists, the secretary of the Department of Economic Development and Commerce (DDEC), Manuel Laboy Rivera, presented the digital platform “Puerto Rico Rum Journey”, which received the support of Rones de Puerto Rico.

“This easy-to-access tool is now available through the mobile application or a computer, from which the public will have the opportunity to reserve different experiences such as excursions, tastings, seminars, and mixology classes at various distilleries in Puerto Rico. activities. Puerto Rico Rum Journey creates the Puerto Rico rum journey and the consumer chooses the route of visits and experiences that interest. The visitor will receive points or rewards in each experience that can later be exchanged for promotional material. In addition, they receive a virtual stamp in their virtual passport and at the end of the entire tour and complete their virtual passport, the consumer will receive a certificate as a rum expert and a memorable box, ”explained Laboy Rivera.

The creators of the platform Joel Vázquez and Federico J. Hernández, received a sponsorship of $ 200,000 from Rones de Puerto Rico.

The project took more than a year to schedule its first phase.

As explained by its developer, Lemuel Lind, the idea of ​​creating Puerto Rico Rum Journey arose in 2012 when Joel Vázquez and Federico Hernández, were looking for a way to create a platform in which they could continue supporting the efforts that Rones de Puerto Rico has been doing to years, in order to continue promoting the distilleries and the local tourism industry.

“We have had the opportunity and blessing to travel to multiple destinations where we have studied platforms such as Napa Valley Trail, Kentucky Bourbon Trail and other distilleries that have their tours and experiences. We saw the opportunity to create this virtual platform since we started working on the project, ”said Lind.

The “Puerto Rico Rum Journey” web app and app will constantly update the content and valuable information for all lovers of rum and tourism.

This, in order to create a community of rum lovers and adventure where they can find more detailed and updated information on the brands and special events of each rum in Puerto Rico.

The “Puerto Rico Rum Journey” application, in its first phase, is available through its website and Web App.

In the world of technology, Web Apps are gaining popularity since they work in the cloud and can be updated automatically.

As a second phase, the application will be launched as a “stand alone App”, which can be downloaded through Google and Apple.

Consumers will be able to make their reservations in the different experiences according to each distillery, according to the requirements of the most recent Executive Order, commented the secretary of the DDEC.

For her part, the director of the Rums of Puerto Rico program (ROPR) of the DDEC, Alexandra Salgado Colón, indicated that “we decided to sponsor this platform since it encourages the promotion of the Puerto Rico rum industry, as well as all the brands of rum under the ROPR program. This economic sector generated in 2019, over 400 million to the local economy and has a workforce that is around 700 direct jobs in the rum distilleries ”.

Laboy Rivera pointed out that, as part of the benefits of this sponsorship, Rones de Puerto Rico will have access to the data and demographic statistics of consumers who register on the platform, as well as their email addresses.

The information will allow direct marketing and promotion efforts, as well as promoting ROPR events through the platform. With this digital tool, the Department of Economic Development and Commerce, as well as its Rums of Puerto Rico Program, will continue to promote Puerto Rico as the Rum Capital of the World.

The distilleries that have joined this platform are Casa Bacardi, Serrallés Distillery, Ron el Barrilito, Coquí Distillery, San Juan Artisan Distillers and The Crab Island and Craft Spirits Distillery.

In addition, La Casita de Rones (emblematic store of Rums from Puerto Rico), is also part of this initiative to offer tasting experiences and mixology classes for the consumer to learn about our rums and the program.

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